Funpics of Puppies

the snow is gone and we made a trip to a dogplace nearly from our was a sunny and warm day in january but the ground was very's no problem for our dogs, they can be dogs ;o))))

a 7 month old doberman were also there and now they all are looking who is coming for playing.....

now lets go !!

*Andy* full of power....

*Mindy* and *Nelly*....

*Boy* in action....

*Alicia* - *Alfi* - *Brush* - *Andy* - *Nelly*


*Alfi* - *Alicia* - *Nelly*

Micha was with us for helping - thank's ;o)

*Mindy* is trying to catch the doberman ;o))))

the very first snow in january 2009 - so lets have fun ;o)

the *kids* are 7 month old now

*Brush* - *Alfi* - *Nelly*

*Andy* - *Alicia* - *Brush* - *Boy*

*Alicia* and her toy

*Alicia* and *Brush* dancing ;o)

from where is this white thing coming ??

it's realy a miracle.....

and always they want to catch *Alicia's* toy

*Nelly* always has to watch them and take care ;o)

some pics of november 2008.....

the gang - 5,5 month

*Alicia* & *Boy*

*Alicia* & *Alfi*


*Alicia* with her brandnew american snood ;o)

*Alfi*, *Brush* & *Andy*


"turn the light off - we are tired !"

after playtime....*Alicia* & *Boy*

*Nelly* with puppies and her lover *Henry* ;o)))......

puppies at 18 weeks old......


*Alicia* with her mummy *Moesha*


*Brush* & *Andy*

*Brush* & *Andy* & *Boy*

puppies at 12 weeks old......

*Alicia* & *Boy*




*John*...always enjoys to be close to his mom ;o)

*Nelly* & the gang



puppies at 8 weeks old......

mom *Moesha* is rasting in the sun - having control about all her kids ;o)

*Brush* also makes controlling ;o)

and after.....kissing *Nelly*.....

and also *John* loves *Nelly* ;o)

*Boy* playing with the cat-roll......

*Cola* and his Teddy....

*Alfi* always funny ;o)

what's happend ?

having a nap........

puppies at 7 weeks old......

puppies at 5,5 weeks old......

puppies at 4 weeks old......

"aunt *Nelly*" and mom *Moesha* nursing ;o)