07.12.2008          IHA Wels - *Nelly* got EX 2, res.CAC - judge Mr. Guenther Ehrenreich / A

                              pictures are online - have a look at the showsite......





06.12.2008  we had a great day at the IHA Wels - *Brush* & *Alicia* got again *very promising* in the puppyclass -

                     *Nelly* got EX 1, CAC in the intermediate class and finished her Junior Champ ! photos coming soon.



25.11.2008  *John* El Fumico American Express (alias D'Artagnan) has so much fun in his new home

                   click on the pic and have a look on his page




22.11.2008  some november-pictures




03.11.2008  finaly we have new pictures of our kids on their own sites - have a look at the puppies-site




02.11.2008  some pics from the racing track - we had a wonderful day with all our afghans there and they had so

                      much fun !


26.10.2008  new pictures of our boys in their new on the pics to their own sites



El Fumico American Express

El Fumico Afri Cola & El Fumico Antonio Banderas



20.10.2008  some new on the picture




14.10.2008   we want to say THANK YOU for so many visitors of our website witch started about 1 year and 1 week

                      ago - so we had visitor N° 20.000 today in that short time !! ;o)))






El Fumico Airbrush by Comment - very promising - Baby Class - judge Mrs. Carla Molinari / P - THANK YOU !!





01.10.2008        we have 3 beautiful boys for sale - in blue, blue and brindle and darkbrindle with cream.

                           New Photos of them are coming soon !

                           we are sorry, but *Brush* is not available !! ;o)




30.09.2008     the first steps in the ring ;o) BRUSH and ALICIA *CC* at the ÖKWZR-Trophy-Clubshow

                        see some pictures of them on the show-site




14.09.2008   some new pics on Alicia's Site, Brush's Site, Alfi's Site, Tonio's Site, Boy's Site and John's Site




29.08.2008   there is an update on our Kennel-Site - click to the Puppy Rooms



28.08.2008  new pictures on the *funpics of puppies*-site.....




27.08.2008        GREAT WEEKEND for our *Nelly* ORNELA MUTI GANDAMAK at the CACIB-Innsbruck !!

                            *Nelly* won EX1, Best of Junior and JUNIOR-BIS 1 !! Judge : Mrs. Lisbeth Mach / CH

                             Handling by Alexandra Putz / Austria

                             Thank you so much !! Way to go ;o)




15.08.2008    Clubshow Bratislava - ORNELA MUTI GANDAMAK *Nelly* wins the juniorclass - Ex1, CAJC -                      

                        judge Mrs. Vija Klucniece / on the pic to the showsite





09.08.2008  new pics of each puppy - 10 weeks old - klick to the puppy-site





28.07.2008    we had a sunny weekend - see some snapshots ;o)




21.07.2008   HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY little princess - Ch. Absorba's On my mind *Mindy*




18.07.2008    new pictures of each puppy on their own site at 6,5 weeks





13.07.2008   have a look at the puppies visitors-site ;o)




10.07.2008   and again there are some new funpics of the puppies at 5,5 weeks





07.07.2008   new photos on each puppies own site - 5 weeks old




01.07.2008    find some new pics of puppies 4 weeks old at the *funpics of puppies*-site






29.06.2008   there is a new button - "Kennel" - click on the pic



24.06.2008   just a picture of our beautiful and proud mom *Moesha* - 4 weeks after her first litter






22.06.2008  each puppy has it's own site - there are new pictures of 19 days old puppies - click on the pic








13.06.2008    see each puppy at the age of 11 days - click on the pic



07.06.2008  some new puppy-pictures at the age of 4 days - click on the pic



04.06.2008   the first pics from our A-Litter are online - click on the pic



03.06.2008        HURRAY !! Our Babies are born !! More pics coming soon....



25.05.2008  new pic of *Mindy* Ch. Absorba's On my mind


14.05.2008        HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our "First Lady" Ch. Hilary Gandamak *Moesha* who is celebrating her

                            birthday today - waiting of her first Litter.

                            All the Best, sweet little Darling ;o)











05.05.2008        NEW AUSTRIAN CHAMPION Absorba's On my mind *Mindy* + Best of Junior Group

                            Ornela Muti Gandamak *Nelly* at the Wörtherseecup                         

                            CACIB Show Klagenfurt / Austria                         

                            What a GREAT weekend ;o) - click on the pic for the Show-site




20.04.2008    new photos of *Nelly* Ornela Muti Gandamak




16.04.2008   new pics on the snapshot-site, Nelly's own site and Mindy's own site - enjoy ! ;o)





13.04.2008   news at the on the pic



31.03.2008   some pics from our on the pic










20.03.2008   Nelly is celebrating her first birthday and wishing all her brothers and sisters a very great day :o))))                         

                       HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! click on the pic to see more of her party !




15.03.2008   we are planning a litter in early summer 2008 - more informations are coming soon






09.03.2008  new pics of *Mindy* at her own site




23.02.2008        there is a new button about our afghan-arts





20.02.2008   *Nelly* turns 11 month today - see new pics on her own site



17.02.2008   the grooming page is online



11.02.2008        *Nelly* at the age of 10 month.....




31.01.2008        we just want to say THANK YOU to all the visitors of our website - counting over 4.000 visits in

                            only 14 weeks we are oline ;o)




27.01.2008        there are some new pics at the *Snapshot*-site.....




23.01.2008        there are new pics about our dogs fitness-programm ;o)

                           have a look under *coursing & racing-track*

07.01.2008         our girls are modeling for a new car in an austrian dog-newspaper ;o)